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I mean “lay off” as in “lay off, man, quit harshing my gig” and not “fire.” It’s a double entendre, designed to rope in the skeptical reader. Wink wink. 

I wonder, actually, if this whole “social media experts are dumb” thing is some sort of tech cultural self resentment complex. It’s a thing I do, and it’s easy for me, so it’s worthless and anyone that does that for a living is dumb or evil. 

But you know what? Love yourself! That thing you know, it’s really hard! It really is! It’s a skill. There are people that don’t have it. It’s okay to be good at it! 

Sometimes, at just the right time, you see something awesome. Like this.

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    In the present, we’ll all be experts for an immeasurable amount of seconds.
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    I’ve always preferred “sexpert.”
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    Usually you just go with “Social Media." Totally want business cards with “Social Media Person" though…
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    But no one really calls themselves an expert, though, do they? I mean I’m sure someone does, but I can’t recall ever...
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    I think the issue is with the Porn-Star-like job-title dichotomy. Can there just be social media professionals with...
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    Sometimes, at just...see something awesome. Like this.
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